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I got ya'

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Been there, seen that

The graphics were decent. If you want to improve, I'd suggest more extensive shading and colouring. Also, some of your lines are distorted, I suggest setting down the smoothing on your brushes.

The thing you really got right was the menu. Otherwise the sounds were spot on with the talking, but I didn't enjoy the voices as they shared no similarities with the characters (which is a hard task, and I must credit the VA's for trying).

The VA's should also consider their tone, and I've noticed it changes a lot doing the movie.

This is of course your own choice, but consider moving on to your own storylines in the future, and stop making video game parodies.

Shadowii2 responds:

Yep, but I did make some lines thinner so they wouldn't stick out so badly, but some of them were still left though...

And I'm slowly trying to get back in to my Max n' CO series not to mention some other shorts.
But thanks for your opinions here!

Oh yeah, the Menu, that's the part that I'm most satisfied with.

Good Fan Contribution

This is a perfect example of a good piece of fanwork by caring fans. While it did have some problems, it ended up being a movie which is pretty loyal to the persons it portrays.

The voices were quite good (I loved how you managed to pull of the Spies snorting laugh), the dialogue was good, and I really smiled at the spy disguise (A companion cube.)

That said, it still suffered from a little too slow animation. The pace was a little weird, and not like the official "Meet the..." videos. This is very off-putting at times.

Never the less, I loved it!

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The Potential Is Shining

This game is interresting, and a lot of work has been put into it (it shows). My AS knowlegde is very limited, but this simple game shows that the engine has potential.

The graphics are great, especially considering how you had to strike a fine balance between eye-candy and framerates.

Gameplay is sorta' cookie-cutter. Nothing too challenging, but it was a nice way off showing the engine.

Not the greatest game, but it sure has shown that good 3D games are possible. I hope to see other 3D games by you in the future! :)


SESSNET responds:

Thank you !

I love your icon!

Review and Hints

I absolutly loved the amount of effort and work put into this game. You and Jeff Wofford seem like a good team.

The game feels a bit more polished than the classic, Lemonade Stand which is really intriguing as it adds some fresh ideas to an already solid game formula. Really, just keep up the fantastic work.

If there will ever be a sequel or update, think about adding upgrades that you can buy for your shop; a frigde so the milk won't spoil, a more fancy coffee shop apperance so that the costumers willbe more "attracted", etc.

Start out with the games own coffee formula, but add as much milk as possible. Make sure you can serve about 18-23 cups a day. Everything above is a little optimistic in the start.

Set the price to 2.00$ on cold days in the start, and drop the price down to about 1.70$ on the hot ones. Expand the price and formula as you gain money :)

Simple and entertaining

A very entertaining, and yet- simple game. This totally works out, as the game is running smooth, and has no apperant bugs.

As for now, it's hard to give any critism, as the game works a 100%. I'm going to be bussy playing it anyway ;)



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Is this shit auto-tuned? Sounds like it. That's not street mayn,

PsychoGoldfish responds:

No autotune was used at all, just some echo to make it sound like it was playing on an old record

So, are we still friends?

Epic soundtrack that deserves all the cum it can get.

Top notch, 10/10

Slick Sound

A truely awesome tune. It has the feeling of NES, while it remains to be.. well, Eye of The Tiger.

Good thing you submitted this.

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Easy peasy

It's Tukandrengen you sly little fella'.

(Love the colouring btw.)

Putting the 'sex' back in 'Public sex-offender"

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